To care for people with more serious illnesses who do not have a roof over their heads, we’re opening a charity medical clinic in St. Petersburg, where we are ready to lend a helping hand to everyone.

To care for people with more serious illnesses who do not have a roof over their heads, we’re opening a charity medical clinic in St. Petersburg, where we are ready to lend a helping hand to everyone.

Why we are doing this

We want to give our patients in distress a full medical check-up because the conditions they find themselves in aggravate chronic diseases and cause new ones. But unfortunately, professional medical care is not available to them due to a lack of documents or money, and these people end up left alone with diseases that can be cured or prevented.

Moreover, having a clinic will allow us to obtain a medical license. It will allow us to collaborate with state hospitals and clinics on common medical programs, as well as propose legislative changes to improve access to medical care for our undocumented patients in distress.

What we are building

Our clinic will be in St. Petersburg, near the Narvskaya subway station. Our actual address: Baltiyskaya st, 36\9 letter А. 

There will be three main rooms for medical procedures, an administrative, and service rooms. There will be a family doctor, a general practitioner, and a traumatologist. We will be possible to perform ultrasound, ECG and simple diagnostic tests, and two nurses will assist in the work. Specialists and our colleagues from the leading medical clinics of the city will be invited for consultations. We will be able to admit 50 patients a day.

We believe that in the 21st century, medicine should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the situation in which people find themselves.

News and results of our 2022-2023 work

In December of 2022 we rented non-residential premises of 80m2 in Saint Petersburg for a long term. 

In April of 2023 we have successfully comleted a crowdfunding campaign for renovation and redevelopment of the premises (see campaign’s page for more details). Together with experts and volunteers we finished all the construction work in May 2023.

By the end of summer we have acquired the medical and office equipment and finally got medical license. We are happy to announce that we open our doors to the first patients in October 2023!

How to help

With money: we’re currently looking for funding for operational expenses after the opening of the clinic. We need to pay for the rent of the premises and utility bills, the removal of medical waste, internet, fire alarm maintenance, make regular purchases of household products and medical goods and also pay for the work of an administrator, a doctor and a janitor.

You can subscribe to our patreon: or become a volunteer. It is also possible to donate or subscribe to a regular donation with russian cards or Yandex pay if you have access to those systems.
With your help we could provide continuous and systematic medical care to refugees, homeless, undocumented people and to people without citizenship.

This is our monthly cost estimate for the functioning of the charity clinic:

Item of expenditureCostNote
The rent of the premises and utility bills68’000 ₽80 square meters + electricity, water supply, sewerage, maintenance of the common house property
Maintenance of the medical clinic13’703 ₽removal of medical waste, sanitary-epidemiological maintenance, fire alarm maintenance, internet
Payroll fund of clinic’s employees90’000 ₽Administrator, doctor, janitor
Tax payments21’517 ₽Personal income tax, insurance contributions

Expendable medical and household materials
10’000 ₽Medication, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, personal protective equipment
Total203’220 ₽Monthly expenses of the clinic

You can also help us with goods and services. As of October 11 we need: 


  • uninterruptible power supply – 2 pieces
  • personal computers for medical and administration offices – 1 piece
  • canopy over the front doors of the clinic – 2 pieces


  •  gardening (landscaping) of the facade of the clinic from Baltiyskaya street, in the yard and in the hall inside the clinic
  •  installation of intercom and magnetic key lock at the clinic front door

Email us if you are ready to help: