On March 8, 2023, International Women’s Day, Charity Hospital, in cooperation with “INGI. Crisis Center for Women,” is launching a joint project, “Hearth (without) home – help a homeless woman in St. Petersburg”. It is an information service that contains a list of organisations that provide various types of assistance to women in times of difficulty and crisis.

Why we are doing this

Statistics show that 20% of homeless people on the street are women. At the same time, women on the street are much more likely to experience violence than men. Many of them have difficulties with hygiene and are afraid to seek help. Sometimes homeless women enter into relationships with men just to ensure their temporary safety from outside factors. Unfortunately, many of these relationships are emotionally and physically abusive.

That said, there is no single list of organizations that specifically help only homeless women. Even professionals sometimes find it difficult to know where to refer a woman when she is in trouble.

How this works

We have put together a list of places in St. Petersburg where women can get help for free: to sleep, eat, do laundry, get psychological and legal help. Also, on helpingwomen.ru, there is a form for donations – with the funds transferred from you we can effectively provide gynecological care to homeless women in our Charity Clinic.


This project is a collaboration between the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization of Medical and Social Assistance “Charity Hospital” and the St. Petersburg Regional Public Organization “INGI. Crisis Center for Women.”