Every person has the right to basic medical care regardless of money, legal documents, and a roof over one’s head.

Charity Hospital has been providing medical and social assistance to homeless people in Saint-Petersburg since 2018.

We consult homeless people on various health issues, perform wound care and vaccinate, give out medications and glasses, perform testing for infectious diseases. In cases of emergencies, we call an ambulance and ensure our patients feel safe by staying in touch with the ambulance crew.

A large part of our work concerns informing homeless people on various matters, such as how to restore a passport or medical insurance, how to get a doctor’s appointment or a referral for a free surgery, how to undergo a medical and social examination. We also consult homeless people on their daily needs, such as where to do laundry, get food and safe overnight stay.

We aim not only to provide homeless people with painkillers, but also with a “pill for their souls” – at least a shred of attention, care, and respect.

We unconditionally support the right of any human to medical care and also the right to refuse it.

We do believe that no human in the world should experience cold, hunger, and pain, no matter whether he/she has a passport or medical insurance.

The history of the Charity Hospital

A group of the Charity Hospital's medics at work
26.06.2018 – First volunteer meeting. Charity Hospital was founded.
A bus of the Mobile Clinic opens its doors
Start of the Mobile Clinic project. First bus route of the medical van “Compassion bus” organized in cooperation with the “Koinonia” club. The bus carries medical volunteers
A patient of the Charity Hospital undergoes eye examination
Eye care. First free ophthalmology consultations for homeless people
the Ministry's of Justice coat of arms
NGO establishment. Registration of the Charity Hospital in the Ministry of Justice
Patient testing in the Mobile Clinic
Testing for infectious diseases. Mobile Clinic.
Initiation of HIV, viral hepatitis, syphilis and COVID-19 testing in homeless people.
A patient getting vaccinated in the Mobile Clinic
Fight against COVID-19. Mobile Clinic. Initiation of vaccination against COVID-19 for homeless people without legal documents.

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