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Medical care in shelters

Teams of doctors visit homeless shelters to examine patients for free, dress wounds, dispense medicines, vaccinate, test for HIV infection, and, if necessary, call an ambulance.

Why we do this

Having got out of the street into temporary housing, often a homeless shelter, our patients still remain extremely vulnerable with regard to their health. For the period of restoration of documents and medical insurance, employment with the help of social workers, the homeless need medical supervision, supportive treatment of chronic diseases, wound dressing.

By providing medical assistance to homeless people in shelters, we help realize the right of any person to be healthy, regardless of social status.

How it works

Specialist doctors, nurses and medical students visit homeless patients in shelters on a fixed schedule. All assistance is provided free of charge, visits to shelters in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region take place all year round, according to a schedule depending on the season.

Results of work in 2021

During the year, we visited three homeless shelters: the Maltese shelter, the Ark, and the shelter on Borovaya. In total, 1,299 face-to-face medical and social consultations were carried out, 530 dressings were performed, and an ambulance was called 16 times.