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The story about glasses — continued

вязаные чехлы
вязаные чехлы

We have a curious continuation of the stories about glasses! Thanks to the caring people who bring them to us and the Rainbow optics, we usually have enough glasses to give out to our wards, but there are often not enough cases for them. But now, thanks to Katya, who has been helping the hospital as a volunteer for several years, we have cases, and moreover they are absolutely wonderful: small and light, knitted with love.

Here’s how Katya tells us about the creation of cases:

– A long time ago, when Charity hospital, it seems, collected glasses for its wards for the first time, I also took part in it: I collected nine pairs in my family and gave them to the hospital. Therefore, recently, when the news about collecting glasses appeared on Instagram again, I paid attention to it and remembered: when I collected glasses from relatives, not all of them were with cases. But the case is a useful thing, especially in conditions when it is especially important to take care of glasses, because in case of a breakdown it will not be easy to replace them. So I decided to knit the cases, having previously clarified that this was definitely relevant.

In 2016, I signed up as a Nochlezhka volunteer. Later, when Charity hospital was still just a charity project, I volunteered there a couple of times: I was an assistant at the reception of patients at the heating point, went on outreaches [visits to places where the homeless gather. – Ed.].

Then Charity hospital turned into an official non-profit organization, it became possible to make financial donations. For me, this is important, just like any other opportunity to help remotely, for example, to knit cases, because I don’t have the opportunity to help “in the field” right now.

Well, in general, I can say this: I know firsthand what health problems are, how they can block the rest of life. Homeless people have much fewer opportunities to solve health issues, and they certainly have enough other worries, and it’s cool if you can help them with this! That’s why I continue to help Charity hospital.

Ph: Katya Tolstunova