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Charity Hospital in March

In March, we treated and built, vaccinated, and helped to find a way out of difficult life situations. Thank you, friends, for being with us! Let’s remember together what March was like at the Charity Hospital.

Mobile clinic

In March, we made 23 trips to 38 places where homeless people can get food and shelter; provided medical and social help to 135 patients 193 times. We dressed 39 wounds. No ambulance calls were made.

Accessible communication

Thanks to the joint project of Charity Hospital and Kinonia Club in March, our patients were on the phone for 71 minutes.

Medical assistance in shelters

We visited the Malta Shelter 10 times and saw 22 patients 53 times. Performed 39 wound dressings. Called the ambulance team twice.


We gave out 15 pairs of glasses for vision correction on all our projects, including 3 pairs of new prescription glasses, as well as 4 eyeglass cases. In March, 4 of our patients visited an optometrist. We thank our partners – optical shops Vision, Ocheche, and Rainbow, for their help in making and collecting glasses for homeless patients.


Performed 1 rapid test for COVID-19 antigens in homeless patients with signs of SARS, negative. Tested 77 people for HIV, viral hepatitis B and C, and syphilis, took an extended serologic test for syphilis for 1 person, and performed blood glucose measurements for 72 patients.


Available at all Mobile Clinic parking lots free of charge and without any paperwork thanks to cooperation with the district health departments. Last month, we vaccinated 2 people against influenza, 10 people against diphtheria and tetanus, 2 people against hepatitis A, 9 people against hepatitis B, 6 people against typhoid, and 14 people against leptospirosis.

Medico-Social Support

Charity Hospital’s staff and volunteers helped patients get help:

– 1 person was registered for therapy in an AIDS Center;

– 1 person was placed in a TB hospital;

– 1 person got consultations with specialists in the city policlinic;

– 4 persons received remote consultations from medical specialists;

– 4 people restored their Russian Federation passports (jointly with Kinonia)


During outreach, we come to those who need help – oftentimes, this is the only way to help desperate people. In March, we went out 6 times and saw 13 patients.

Requests to Telegram bot

ISeeHomelessBot is a bot that collects information from residents of St. Petersburg about homeless people on the streets. At the request of indifferent people, the Charity Hospital team goes to the person in distress to assess the problem and provide assistance on the spot. In March, we received 9 requests, and 3 of them were processed.

If you see a homeless person on the streets of St. Petersburg and want to help them, send a request to the bot: https://t.me/ISeeHomelessBot

Humanitarian aid

In March, we gave out: 6 subway tokens, 1 contactless smart card used in public transport (jointly with our friends – the Kinonia Club), 17 lifepacks, 3 sleeping bags, 1 cell phone and a SIM card for it, 6 sets of intimate hygiene products for women.

SepaRight Waste Collection

In March, the SepaRight Collection campaign collected medications for our patients at 17 locations.

Also in March:

We assisted in obtaining palliative care in the city’s public hospices for a homeless man with terminal cancer. Unfortunately, the man died in a hospital, and we were unable to get him into hospice care.

On International Women’s Day, the Charity Hospital, together with the INGO Crisis Center for Women, launched a project “Hearth (without) home – help a homeless woman in St. Petersburg”. https://helpingwomen.ru/.

In February and March, we collected more than 1.5 million rubles on the crowdfunding platform “Planeta” to repair the building of the Charity Hospital, and in April the collection ended with a fantastic amount – 2,258,550 rubles!

If you want to help us, you can make a donation for any comfortable amount on our website.