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Charity Hospital are launching Eye Exam campaign

13 October 2022 is World Sight Day which is held worldwide on the second Thursday of October each year. That day we, Charity Hospital team, are launching Eye Exam campaign.

The campaign objective is not only to draw your attention to vision problems of the homeless, but to remind that it is equally important to see with your heart, that is, to see first and foremost a person in each of us, even in homeless people.

We interviewed seven homeless people who lost sight due to cataracts and couldn’t get treatment in public hospitals for a long time because they had no ID. They are a former engineer, professional athlete and athletic coach, serviceman, vendor – all of them got into trouble due to various circumstances and vicissitudes of life.

Thanks to the efforts of Charity Hospital doctors and the partner clinics Eyesight and Happy Eyes the above-mentioned patients underwent surgery and after having lived in darkness and with a veil over eyes they were able to see again. Their seven stories are posted on the campaign web-site and we’ll be happy if the stories touch your hearts.

✅ On Friday 14 October, as part of the campaign, in cooperation with Happy Eyes microsurgery clinic, we are screening for cataracts and glaucoma in our Mobile Medical Clinic van. All our homeless patients will be consulted by an ophthalmologist, have their eyes examined and get eyeglasses if we have suitable ones available.

The campaign will take place from 12 pm to 3 pm in the parking lot at

Rasstannaia ulitsa, 41.

🤗 You can help, too! Bring eyeglasses, you don’t need any more, to Charity Hospital. For the most determined of you, we’ve posted a guide on how to organize eyeglasses collection by yourself, it’s easy, fun and highly beneficial for our patients who cannot afford eyeglasses.

Also, we’d be very grateful for any money donated to Charity Hospital.

Please, share information about our campaign on social media, on news on websites and with your friends and colleagues. Your support is enormously important for us! After all, by helping the homeless to preserve vision, you help noticing them.

Thanks, friends!