Главная News news Charity Hospital launched a Telegram bot to help homeless people of Saint Petersburg

Charity Hospital launched a Telegram bot to help homeless people of Saint Petersburg

Friends, we’ve been hard at work on our ISeeHomelessBot, and we can finally tell you about it! 

ISeeHomelessBot is a bot that will collect information about homeless people from the people of Saint Petersburg. When should you use it?

✅ If you see a homeless person out on the street, and you want to help him, but don’t know how.

✅ If you believe that a person requires medical assistance, if they’re wounded, unconscious or at risk of frostbite, and if you’re unsure if you need to call an ambulance.

By telling us about a homeless person, you help them get medico-social assistance from employees and volunteers of Charity Hospital. Your reports will be processed by members our street medicine crew, who will reach out to that person on our Mobile clinic or on foot to assess the situation and help them.

Why is this especially important now? Winter is a very difficult time for the homeless: their clothes can’t fully protect them from the cold, and it’s common for them to receive frostbite of the limbs, which may lead to amputations or even death. You can save a person’s life and help them stay healthy!

Here’s how the bot works:

💫 ISeeHomelessBot works only in Saint Petersburg and the nearest suburbs.

💫 You can submit a report only while staying near a homeless person, as our bot will ask you to answer a few questions and leave a geolocation tag. We need this to know where to find the person, who needs help.

💫 You will also need to take a photo or a video of the place where you found this person – this will make our work easier.

💫 If you give us your contact information, we’ll be glad to share feedback on your request with you.

Link for the ISeeHomelessBot: https://t.me/ISeeHomelessBot

Do not pass by! 💛