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Help us build a charity medical clinic

Friends, we have launched a fundraiser to renovate a charity medical clinic where homeless, refugees and undocumented and stateless patients can be treated. The fundraiser was launched on the crowdfunding platform Planeta.ru: https://planeta.ru/campaigns/clinica

Right now, we are accepting patients in a converted minibus and trying to help everyone as much as possible – we’re doing everything we can. But despite advances in street medicine, we are still limited in our ability to help people with health problems. We can’t do a full eye exam on the street or at the Mobile Clinic to diagnose and treat them. We cannot help women with gynecological problems and pregnancy in cramped, limited resources without an ultrasound and a special chair. Even examining wounds located in intimate areas is impossible without a confidential and safe space.

That’s why we dream of opening a charity clinic and invite you to participate in helping people in need!

Maybe some of you have fallen into the same situation: got sick but could not get help from a doctor or buy the necessary medicine, for example, abroad, without health insurance or money. Maybe once, temporarily, you were in trouble and needed help.

Our clinic will be in St. Petersburg, near the Narvskaya metro station. It will have three main rooms for medical procedures, as well as administrative and service rooms. The clinic will provide sterile and confidential conditions for a full examination, tests, and an ECG. It will allow us to carry out procedures. which are impossible without an equipped room.

We are raising 1 million 59 thousand rubles.

We hope to raise funds to repair the clinic and receive our first patients in the summer of 2023.

Join us! Let’s work together to stop people on the streets from dying of preventable or curable diseases: https://planeta.ru/campaigns/clinica.

Thank you!