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Work of the Charity Hospital in July

Hundreds of meters of bandages, liters of chlorhexidine and dozens of caring doctors and volunteers: in July we continued to treat people in distress on the streets of St. Petersburg. And we did everything we could to ensure that the Charity Hospital would be able to open its doors to patients in the coming months: we launched the licensing procedure, passed the Rospotrebnadzor inspection and began to set up processes. Here are the results in figures. 

Mobile Clinic

In July, we went out 20 times to 36 locations where homeless people could get food and shelter, provided medical and social assistance to 130 patients 185 times. We performed 47 wound dressings. There were no ambulance calls.

Accessible communication

Thanks to a joint project between the Charity Hospital and the Kinonia Club, our patients spoke on the phone for 95 minutes in July.

Medical assistance in shelters

We visited the Malta Shelter 5 times, saw 9 patients 13 times. Performed 6 dressings. There were no ambulance calls.


We gave out 14 pairs of glasses for vision correction, as well as 11 cases for glasses. In July 2 of our patients visited an optometrist. We thank our partners – optical shops Vision, Ocheche, and Rainbow, for their help in making and collecting glasses for homeless patients.


46 people were tested for HIV infection, viral hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and blood glucose measurement was performed on 37 patients.


Available at all Mobile Clinic parking lots free of charge and without any documentation, thanks to cooperation with the district health departments. During the month we immunized 9 people against diphtheria and tetanus and 4 people against leptospirosis.

Medical and social support

Charity Hospital’s staff and volunteers helped patients get help:

– 2 people got dental help

– 3 people got specialist’s consultation in the city polyclinic 

– 1 person got a fluorographic examination

– 7 people got remote consultations from a medical specialist

– 6 people restored their Russian Federation passports (jointly with Kinonia)

– 5 people got their hair cut


During outreach sessions, we come to those who need help – oftentimes, this is the only way to help desperate people. In July we went out 3 times and saw 6 patients. We performed two dressings. We called an ambulance once.

Requests to Telegram bot

ISeeHomelessBot is a bot for collecting information from St. Petersburg residents about homeless people on the streets. At the request of indifferent people, the Charity Hospital team goes to the person in distress to understand the problem and provide assistance on the spot. In July, 6 requests were received, 4 requests have been worked on.

If you see a homeless person on the streets of St. Petersburg and want to help them, send a request to the bot: https://t.me/ISeeHomelessBot

Humanitarian aid

In July we gave out: 2 metro tokens and 1 contactless smart card used in public transport, 2 lifepacks, 1 sleeping bag, 3 walking canes, 12 intimate hygiene products, 8 umbrellas, 5 raincoats, 2 orthopedic products.

SepaRight Waste Collection

At the SepaRight Waste Collection event, we collected medications for our patients at 13 locations. 

Interactions with the state

In July we started the licensing procedure of the Charity Medical Clinic and passed the inspection of Rospotrebnadzor. More detailed information about the state of affairs in the clinic has been updated on our website, where we will also continue to write about how things are going: https://charityhospital.ru/en/project/charity-clinic/

We thank you for your concern and help to the Hospital!

If you would like to help us, you can support us in any convenient way here: https://charityhospital.ru/donate 

Thank you!