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Behind every number is a person! Results of work in 2022

In 2022, despite everything, doctors and volunteers of Charity hospital continued to treat, vaccinate and rescue homeless patients from trouble. We managed to do a lot. We solved not only the health problems of people on the streets of St. Petersburg, but also helped to find temporary housing and even return their own, restore documents and seek justice. Thank you very much for your support!

Below is a brief summary of the work of the Hospital in 2022 in numbers, behind each of which is a person.

Mobile Clinic

In 2022, we traveled 288 times to places where hot meals were distributed and temporary overnight accommodation was provided, and provided medical and social assistance to patients 2906 times. 666 dressings were performed, an ambulance was called 29 times.

Medical care in shelters

We visited the Maltese Shelter 118 times, examined patients 555 times. 273 dressings were performed. The ambulance was called 8 times.


During outreach, we come to those in need of help. This is often the only way to help people jn despair. In 2022, we went on outreach 34 times, conducted 46 examinations, called an ambulance twice.


During the year, we vaccinated 173 people from influenza, 41 people from COVID-19, 11 from pneumococcus, 13 from meningococcus, 44 people from diphtheria and tetanus, two patients from viral hepatitis B.


We performed 77 rapid tests for COVID-19 antigens in homeless patients with signs of SARS, received 10 positive results. 271 patients were tested for HIV infection, 250 people for viral hepatitis B and C, 255 people were tested for syphilis, and blood glucose was measured in 196 patients.

Eyesight check

All projects provided 193 pairs of eyeglasses, including 16 new, made according to a prescription, and 32 eyeglass cases. 39 of our patients had an appointment with an optometrist.

We thank our partners – opticians Vision, Ocheche, Rainbow, Happy Vision, Olir pharmacy, EBM.bar, #AVIATOR book space, growth and career library, Krasnogvardeysky District School No. 491, Separate Collection movement for help in collecting eyeglasses for homeless patients.

As part of the Eye Check campaign, 6 homeless, undocumented patients received cataract surgery at our partner clinics. 4 patients were operated on at the Vision Ophthalmological Center. 2 more replaced the lens in Happy Vision. Clinics are investing their own resources so that Hospital patients can see again. Many thanks to colleagues for this opportunity!

In 2022, together with our partners, we also conducted several field ophthalmological screenings. On October 14, the Happy Look eye microsurgery clinic conducted a close-up visual acuity check, selection of eyeglass correction, tonometry and ophthalmoscopy, examining 22 patients.

On November 14, a second field ophthalmological examination was conducted jointly with the Vision Ophthalmological Center, the League+ multidisciplinary clinic and the RetinaFond Foundation for Research and Treatment of Retinal Diseases. The work of doctors was aimed at screening diabetic retinopathy and other retinal pathology in patients with diabetes mellitus and patients at risk (over 50 years old). We managed to examine and consult 12 people, as well as give out 12 pairs of glasses.

Available connection

Thanks to a joint project of Charity hospital and the Kinonia Club, last year our patients spoke on the phone for 500 minutes.

Medical and social support

Employees and volunteers of Charity hospital also helped:

— Register with the AIDS Center (together with the Humanitarian Action Foundation) – 4 people

— Arrange for a drug treatment hospital — 12 people

— Arrange in an antitubercular hospital – 3 people

— Arrange in a hospice – 1 person

— Get dental care – 29 people

— Get medical help in the emergency room – 9 people

— Get advice from specialist doctors in a city polyclinic – 43 people

— Register in a women’s clinic – 1 patient

— Get advice from a dermatovenerologist in skin-venerological dispensary – 6 people

— Get the help of a psychiatrist in psychoneurological dispensary – 2 patients

— Undergo a fluorographic examination – 10 people

— Get a remote consultation of a specialist doctor – 62 people

— Restore the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (together with Kinonia) – 15 people

— Get hairdressing services – 45 people

Applications to the telegram bot

ISeeHomelessBot is a bot for collecting information from residents of St. Petersburg about homeless people on the city streets. At the request of caring people, the Charity hospital team goes to a person in trouble to sort out the problem and provide assistance on the spot. During the two months of the bot’s operation, we received 26 applications, 15 of them were worked out in 2022.

Humanitarian aid

In 2022, we handed out: 18 metro tokens, 5 contactless metro cards, 221 life packs, 33 sleeping bags, 8 mobile phones, 3 SIM cards, 7 canes, 7 pregnancy tests, 79 intimate hygiene kits for women, 5 umbrellas, 3 raincoats, 8 orthopedic items.

Separate collection

At the Separate Collection actions, medicines were collected monthly for our patients at 14 points in the city so that homeless people without documents and money could receive the necessary treatment.

In just a year, we have assisted 856 homeless patients 3507 times on all projects. Wounds were dressed 941 times, and the help of ambulance doctors was required in 39 cases.

Dear friends, thank you for staying with us and helping to rescue people living on the streets of St. Petersburg from trouble. The best support for Charity hospital now that we are starting the renovation of the future clinic is a subscription to a monthly donation of any amount on our website:

Thank you! ❤